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ABT Milwaukee
Welcome to the Milwaukee Branch of the Amateur Bowlers Tour.

Countdown to Nationals







Meet Your Tournament Staff
New branch owners! - FLM Tours!

Dan McFarland, Branch Manager

We have filled the Branch Manager position.
Dan McFarland is excited to bring his enthusiasm
and committment to bowling to the Milwaukee ABT Branch.
Come meet Dan at our upcoming tournaments.


 Upcoming Tournament
Upcoming Tournament


Please go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MilwaukeeABT for the latest information and updates.


Summer series schedule:

June 28 - AMF Bowlero 1st squad @ 10am

July 12 - AMF West 1st squad @ 10am

July 18-19 - Motion Plus - 2 day SCRATCH TOURNAMENT!  1st Squad @ 11am

August 9th (Unconfirmed) - DOUBLES TOURNAMENT! Classic Lanes, Oak Creek  1st Squad @ 10am

August 30 - AMF Bowlero 1st squad @ 10am



For more information about the 9 Pin Tournaments visit our other website at http://www.notaptour.com







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