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ABT Milwaukee
Welcome to the Milwaukee Branch of the Amateur Bowlers Tour.
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Meet Your Tournament Staff
Dan Mcfarland
Branch Manager

Craig Cox
Promoter / Director

Upcoming Tournament

Welcome to the ABT Fall Series!

Please go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MilwaukeeABT for the latest information and updates.




When:  Sunday November 22nd

Where:  AMF Bowlero

Squad Times: 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Format:  Beat the board, HOUSE SHOT!

Entry Fee: $30

Payout: $250 1st place GUARANTED


What's an ABT Turkey Shoot?
It's 3 games across 32 lanes! WHOA! you say? Yep, you read it right... each frame of each game is on a different lane. It's fun, it's different, it's like nothing you have ever bowled!

So where does the TURKEY come in?
Each frame has a chance of getting a "Turkey" pin in the 1pin spot. Get a director's attention if that happens, and if you bowl a strike against that pin you get a point. Highest points win the turkey sidepot. Only $10 to enter the sidepot!

I'm not an ABT member.
Doesn't matter! This tournament is open to all bowlers regardless of age, ABT status or if you have 2 missing arms we can accommodate that as well.

Handicap or Scratch?
This is a handicap tournament. If you are not USBC rated yet then bring a current, less than 2 weeks old copy of your league record.

Squad times?
Well, I guess you need to know when to bowl: Squad times are 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

What's the format?
it's beat the board. That means you can enter all 3 squads and the highest games at the end of the day between all bowlers will determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Are we bowling a tough ABT pattern?
Nope, this is all HOUSE SHOT!!!!!

More questions? Send a message through Facebook or call the ABT Turkey Shoot Hotline at (414) 722-0726





Current schedule (Click the pattern name see Kegel's site): More dates being confirmed and will be added soon

September 27th - Standard tournament @ Sunset Bowl - Waukesha.  Pattern should be ABT#6

October 4th - Standard tournament @  Bluemound Bowl.  Pattern should be ABT#4

October 11th - DOUBLES Tournament @ Lucky Lanes.  Pattern should be ABT #8

October 25th - Standard Tournament @ GRC - Kenosha.  Pattern should be ABT#5

November 1st - Standard tournament @ New Berlin Ale House.  Pattern should be ABT #7

November 22nd - TURKEY SHOOT @ AMF Bowlero. INCLUDES a regular SINGLES event with a 10am Win A Squad.  Plus a 11:30 and 1pm singles qualifying squads.  HOUSE SHOT!

November 29th - BAKER tournament!! @ Bluemound Bowl - Waukesha.  Pattern should be ABT #5

 December 6th - Standard tournament @ Sunset Bowl - Waukesha.  Pattern should be ABT#7






November 1st: New Berlin Bowl

Singles Champion:  Boun Phattaphone

2nd & 3rd: Dale Lauersdorf and Tim Lambert




For more information about the 9 Pin Tournaments visit our other website at http://www.notaptour.com







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